How to Choose the Right Sex Toy

You may feel a little apprehensive about buying a sex toy for the first time, but you could be missing out on a whole lot of pleasure. You must not just dive in; however, you need to research before buying. It may seem like a no-brainer, but this will make picking your first sex toy much more comfortable; it is essential to factor in size, texture, and shape as well as function.

The following guide will help while buying your first sex toy. It is comprehensive hence will help you point you in the right direction towards discovering shame-free self-pleasure. While choosing the right sex toy, you should consider these tips:


When purchasing a product that is going to be in contacthappy woman with your genitals, it is vital to ensure that it is skin safe. Substances such as rubber and jelly can be harmful as they are porous, making them difficult to wash. It means that bacteria can linger on the product and could give you thrush. They also contain phthalates, a substance banned from children’s toys because it is harmful to one’s health. Silicone, metal, and glass sex toys are all safe to use as they are non-porous and easy to wash. They also feel pleasurable too.

Rechargeable Versus Battery Operated

While both are excellent options, you may want to weigh up the pros and cons of rechargeable and battery-operated products. Rechargeable sex toys are more environmentally friendly and are compatible with most USB socket chargers, such as the one you use for your handset. Sex toys are flexible, as you can charge on your computer or laptop. These products do tend to be a little more expensive, however, so you may need to rethink your budget. Battery operated toys are just as powerful as rechargeable toys, but you will have to keep buying batteries. They are great entry-level products to try out.

Non-vibrating Products

Vibrations are not everyone’s cup of tea, and lots of peoplesex toys enjoy using dildos for masturbation and as part of sex play. Just like vibrators, dildos are available in a range of sizes, styles, and textures to suit your needs. There is great beginner’s dildo such as the Tantus acute as it has a subtle curve to hit your G-Spot and is unintimidating in size. It also has a flared base so it can be used in a harness as a strap-on, leading to endless possibilities for playful pleasure. There are also sex toys that thrust on their own, mimicking the actions of sexual intercourse.